Thursday, May 13, 2010

So I dropped off the map.

I have been way to busy living life to write about it, so my poor little blog has been neglected. Also it has become fodder for porn-in-code posting commenters, which is why I now moderate my comments before they are published.

News in my life:

I have gotten WAY into raw food, and am loving it. Also am loving the weight loss that comes with it. It has been so fast I am almost concerned. But mostly I am just loving it.

I have been reorienting on how I look at homeschooling. Again. I am focusing on how Pablo learns rather than what he needs to learn, and trying to figure out more creative ways to work with my kinesthetic/visual-spacial boy. He wants to get the heck out of 3rd grade, and if he stays this motivated, I bet he does soon.

I'm sure there is way more to say, but this is all I got for now.

And anyone posting comments in code will officially be considered to be writing porn on a wholesome site. Uncool, dudes. Bugger off.