Saturday, February 27, 2010

Apparently the Universe was listening part 2...

When Pablo's birthday party FINALLY came around, we asked to borrow a table from my partner's brother. They brought this amazing table that bears a strong resemblance to the tables in the lunch rooms of my youth. You have seen them and used them. They collapse but are big and super sturdy. We used it, and when we made plans to return it, we were told that we can have it on permanent loan.

I was thrilled. I have really been wanting to create a space for homeschooling, even though we are pretty informal, because I think it is important to hold a space for it. We had been using the dining room table, which got pretty messy and confusing when we had projects and meals going simultaneously. So, I set of the table in our music room, and tried my best to organize everything without actually having any bins or drawers etc.

Then my birthday came around, and my friend Karen became a miracle worker by offering me 3 sets of awesomely cool plastic drawers. These things are awesome. They transformed my homeschool space into a paragon of organization. The kids and I are thrilled.

YAY for a school room!! We have used it all week and just love it. This has become the most popular room in the house.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Apparently the Universe was listening...

A few weeks ago it snowed like crazy in Dallas. I was insanely jealous. So the universe sent me SNOW!! One whole day of snow. The kids started out kind of wimpy and wanted to come in after only a little snow play, but it was really wet snow so our hands were all freezing. We made a teensy snowman, and went inside to warm up.

In the afternoon, we got awesome powder. The kind that stays nice and dry as you make it into a snowball but nice and wet once it slides down the back of your neck. We had a massive snowball fight, and at Beebz's request I made a snow puppy and a snow turtle. The turtle was no big thrill, but I am pretty fond of the puppy!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Girl Fight!

This winter we have been pretty obsessed with Wii Fit Plus. It is an awesome way to get exercise and be indoors at the same time. We all have our favorites, along with nicknames for the games we like the best.

Beebz's favorite is one from plain old Wii Fit, where you sit on the balance board and focus on a candle. It is called Lotus Focus. The point is to be still and peaceful, even with distractions (the game does some funny stuff to try to surprise you, like footsteps in the background, panning around the candle, and other things. She loves it. And she is not bad. The only mystery is her name for it: GIRL FIGHT!!!

Ah, the Zen of Girl Fight. It makes sense in a way, since we are in a constant struggle between that part of us that wants to be peaceful and our monkey mind that distracts us for any reason or no reason at all. It is an internal struggle that we face. That part of us that wants to be distracted, the part of us that wants to focus, and all the parts in between, all working together to create the tapestry of our lives.

Who knew what an amazing philosopher she could be?

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Edible Elements for his Birthday!

Hi. My name is Mindful Mama and I am a compulsive birthday cake maker. It was this project that let me know I must have a problem. This is 110 mini cupcakes. I am certifiably certifiable. It took about 7 hours total. It was, however, totally worth it. (For those who don't know, I make a the kids' birthday cakes to represent their favorite toy/thing for the year. They get to pick.)

We had a great party, complete with science experiments and lots of playing in the (rare these days) sunshine. It was small enough that I actually got to hang out with people, which seems rare for our parties. Most importantly, Pablo loved both the party and the "cake". Never again with the cupcakes, tho....

Next year I am hoping he picks a chess board. White and dark molded chocolate pieces. Awesome. (Yeah, I know. I told you I am ADDICTED.)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

her new smile

Last year it became apparent that Beebz had an enamel defect on one of her front teeth. The tooth just crumbled in a matter of days. The dentist said we would probably have to hospitalize her and take the tooth, but that we should wait as long as possible. Basically, if it started hurting her, it was time to take action. Otherwise we should wait for her little body to have be stronger to deal with anesthetic etc. So we waited.

She turned 2. We went to the dentist. When they cleaned her teeth, she sat there like a trooper. They even managed to get an xray of her snaggletooth. The dentist decided she could possibly fix it in the office, and that she could very likely save the tooth! It was worth a try.

BEFORE: (left most tooth of the front 4)


She was amazing, sitting still the whole time with mouth open wide. The dentist said she is the third 2 year old she has ever done this with. We are just so very glad we didn't have to do the hospital thing. And we love her new SMILE!!!