Thursday, February 4, 2010

her new smile

Last year it became apparent that Beebz had an enamel defect on one of her front teeth. The tooth just crumbled in a matter of days. The dentist said we would probably have to hospitalize her and take the tooth, but that we should wait as long as possible. Basically, if it started hurting her, it was time to take action. Otherwise we should wait for her little body to have be stronger to deal with anesthetic etc. So we waited.

She turned 2. We went to the dentist. When they cleaned her teeth, she sat there like a trooper. They even managed to get an xray of her snaggletooth. The dentist decided she could possibly fix it in the office, and that she could very likely save the tooth! It was worth a try.

BEFORE: (left most tooth of the front 4)


She was amazing, sitting still the whole time with mouth open wide. The dentist said she is the third 2 year old she has ever done this with. We are just so very glad we didn't have to do the hospital thing. And we love her new SMILE!!!

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