Thursday, May 15, 2008

Musicals vs. the Environment

Ah, the incentive program. How to spend our "free money." A Wii? Various books I have wanted but didn't buy? We had great fun fantasizing about it. But then we got responsible and planned to add insulation to the house and seal the ducts. I wasn't all that excited, but who really gets excited about duct work? I mean, even Al Gore doesn't actually get excited about duct work, right? I hope not. Yea for being environmentally responsible, that's exciting, but this one just doesn't thrill me like reusable bags.

Then temptation arrived via mail. Our annual tickets for Broadway Across America came. A whopping almost $600 for 5 shows. I was devastated! We are broke like you wouldn't believe. Yet how can we miss out on our obligation as gay women to support the arts? Who doesn't love a good musical? My heart swells that the thought of sitting in a darkened theater, surrounded by music telling a story I have never seen before. I admit it. I am a theater and theater tech junkie. Seeing how they work the special affects, marveling at the talent of the artists on and off stage, absorbing the beauty of it all: seeing musicals is the one of the few parts of my life that transcends the day to day, that will be remembered in the sunset of my years, that will live on in my memory no matter how befuddled I get in my old age. They even make me wax greeting-card-poetic. Obviously. This is hard core love. Seriously, how could anyone be forced to choose between these necessities? What is a musical addicted green mama to do?

Obviously, the environment wins. We will get insulation and duct work. Maybe the guys who install it will sing while they work.

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