Saturday, May 24, 2008

Rolling Over!! and over and over and over….

The baby is officially able to do a 360! She has been able to roll back to front for a few months now, but as of yesterday, she rolls front to back too!! Even better, she can do them both in quick succession, as if she is going to roll her way to where ever she wants to go. Not as fast as a car, but reasonably effective if you don’t mind the dizziness and not being able to see where you are going. Or being able to see where you are going but ending up going in a circle from looking up!

I feel like this baby is growing so fast! People are always telling us to pay attention because babies “grow up so fast” and we say, “Yes, we know.” Invariably, they continue to berate us with this fact as if we had been dismissive. “No, you have no idea how fast it all goes,” they say and we once again agree. Rarely are two rounds of this enough. With the truly intent grandparently person, this conversation (if repeating the same thing over and over and over again constitutes a conversation) can go 7 or 8 rounds. Sweet, but redundant. Repetitive too.

How do we slow down time but by paying attention? Tonight I was making her laugh and laugh and all I could think was MEMORIZE this sound! NEVER forget this joyful smile. She is already so big, and I have a feeling that this kid is going to be one of those that races through childhood (probably scaring the crap out of her parents by standing on top of the monkey bars and learning to do that really cool but scary-if-its-my-kid back flip dismount off the swings eep!

So as always, I will renew my intention to be mindful and be with my kids in meaningful ways while I still have a chance. Cause I hear once they are teens I won’t be nearly as cool…. (I already have plans to get a convertible to help counter the mom factor. Think it will work?)

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