Friday, June 27, 2008


Did you know you can twitter Barack Obama? I mean, who gets to have the job for posting messages on the site, and how much does that person get paid?! I mean seriously, what was that job interview like? (OK, OK, I know its really just some flunky, but it’s so fun to imagine the possible specificities of this “career.”)

“Tell me, young person, can you speak in Senator Obama’s voice for 140 characters or less, updating our hip constituents on his every move? You will get paid .0001 cent per character per 1000 hits on our site. Oh, and you are in charge of coffee too. If you want, we can call you our tech-barista. Sound good? Great. Now help me figure out how to do this Twitter thing. Everyone over 40 is stumped by it.”

What really gets me is that Obama follows you too. He has a kabillion friends that he “follows” daily. Do you think our mythical tech-barista READS all these 20 kabillion twitters a day, tracking micro-trends in the Obama population? Given politics today, probably I am not too far off.

I love the guy, and I gotta say, he is a genius for making people feel in touch. You can also Digg him, Facebook him, Flickr him, and various and assorted other things that are beyond my coolness level. For the first time, we will (aka we had freakin' better) have a president hipper than me. That doesn't make me old, right? Just twitter me your answer. ;)

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