Monday, June 30, 2008

"Wii" are having "fun"

The family obsession with having a Wii continues. Or should I say, it worsens. For the last few days, Pablo has been telling me all about how all his IMAGINARY friends have Wiis and how fun it is to go to their houses to play, with increasing detail etc. It must be so sad to not only have the stigma of being the only visible playmate, but also the least technologically up to date.

As of today, we apparently got a Wii at our house. An invisible one. A wobble board serves as the Wii Fit board, and various things have been used as the remote control. We just spent the last hour taking turns "playing" our favorite Wii games, sometimes winning, sometimes losing, and sometimes getting strikes while playing tennis. Don't ask me. Pablo expects me to remember what order the games are in on the various exercises you can do on the Wii, and which order new games become unlocked. My memory just doesn't serve.

One significant advantage of our "machine" over those lesser visible models is that games load really fast. We change back and forth from the game pack to the Wii Fit with no waiting for something to load, no pushing extra buttons. You want to bowl? Bam, you are there. In front of the (off) television, with some sort of remote (often a puzzle piece, since the 600 piece world map is back...) in hand. You are ready to go. Just don't forget to push the A button first. In Mauritania. Am I the only one who has a hard time finding the Wii buttons on a puzzle piece that is less than an inch in diameter? Don't worry, I have help.

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