Saturday, July 19, 2008

All Set to Kayak!

Today we got the baby her very own life preserver. I am sorry to say that when wearing it she looks a lot like an electric pink marshmallow with legs. The good news is that the top comes to her chin rather than her cheeks (which was the look with the other child preserver we have hanging around). The bad news is she is almost impossible to hold comfortably. Why can't they make little waterproof hamster wheels that you just put your baby in so they can float next to the boat? There could be a weighted seat that stays upright no matter what the ball does. Ha! Now I have an idea for a product! I can make a million! Money problems solved!

Even better, now we can all go kayaking as a family. I can't wait to get back to nature! The trees, the water, the wind in our faces! The four of us will pile into a two man kayak and paddle down the river. Well, mostly my partner will probably paddle, while I play the ever fun games of "keep the kids in the boat," "keep the ducks from attacking," and "nurse the baby while she is dressed like an electric pink marshmallow," see above.

This is starting to sound less rapturous. I will think of it as training the kids for when we can each get a 1 man kayak and have 1 kid each and we both have a great time paddling down the river, enjoying the trees, the river, the wind in our faces. The kids jumping around, the kids "trying to help" paddle, the kids grumping about wanting their own kayak. Hmmm. Should I return the pink marshmallow suit?


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  1. I love the post! I have been getting my little one used to a canoe since she was a baby and now she sits quite wonderfully on one end and "fishes" while I paddle. I have been trying to get up enough courage to try out a kayak...good luck to you (and the baby marshmallow). :)