Thursday, July 31, 2008

Guitar Hero ON TOUR

OK, OK, so I got it. Before the ban on spending, and after I had saved up some money for it. You know I have been wanting if for months. I have been obsessing about it. And after all that build up, all I can say is: Guitar Hero: On Tour rocks. I am told the songs are way better than regular guitar hero, but I wouldn't know since I have never played it. What I know is, in those few moments of free time, it is SO FUN to rock out on some Guitar Hero. I will always be a small time video game geek and the DS is just my level of fun (so says the person who can't afford a Wii). I just love pretending play guitar and sounding good. A friend of mine calls it Simon for grown ups. And I say, heck yeah! Gotta love some Simon with MUSIC action. I feel the years peeling away. I almost feel.... 33 again.

My favorite part is that Pablo requests certain songs and then dances around singing at the top of his lungs. See? It's educational too!

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