Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Saving Money

We have had the TALK. We need to cut expenses NOW. Well, actually, a while back. erm. We are officially going on deprivation spending. No more dental floss, kiddos, the easiest teeth to care for are the kind you can put in a glass.

Just kidding.

Really we talked about eating out less often. And it wouldn't be that big of deal except we usually only eat out when I have had a bad day. Read that as "about to go completely mental and go off on everyone. Again." But, nevertheless, this really is the best way we can cut expenses. For some reason my partner is not into the "hope the kids get good scholarships" plan or the "surely someone rich will die and leave all their money to us" plan. Go figure. She is into all that financial planning stuff, so I guess she has proof of some kind that those plans don't generally get the job done. Whatever.

I am peaceful about it on one level because I know it needs to be done. I am pissed about it because I was the one making the fun money. The little extra that let us go out to eat and go to the beach and buy stuff because we WANTED it. Now my contract has totally dried up and I search every freakin' day for something I can do from home. It is so hard to need a job and know I am doing all I can and that all I can do is just not enough. It is hard to fail.

I keep thinking that if I quit stressing and create the space for it, the right thing will come along. Some people would say that hunched shoulders and a clenched jaw are signs of limited space. So, watch me, here I am creating space.
Right... here.

Maybe that wasn't enough. More?

How's that? OK universe, I am ready. Lay it on me. A good job that pays well where I work from home, set my own hours, and don't die from boredom. Something where I am challenged. Not phone sex. No phones at all, if possible. Or hey, get my old job back up and running. I am not picky!

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