Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Tantrum Poll

It has been a harder phase around here lately, and I have generally handled the meltdowns well... for the first 45 minutes. Then I lose it. I yell, or cry, or both, and I say and do things that aren't in line with my parenting ideals. We have had a few good days now, but I still find myself wondering how other mamas do in the face of a wrathful child. So, scroll down, and on the left you will see a poll. I am really curious to see when other mamas go from calmly dealing with the tantrum to running away and locking themselves in a room while screaming, "I CAN'T BE YELLED AT ANYMORE!! I CAN'T HANDLE THIS!!" Not that this scenario has ever happened to me... ahem.

So please take the poll, thinking of tantrums that wouldn't seem to die no matter what you tried. I would love to hear comments about the BEST and WORST reactions to tantrums you have had. After all, we can learn from (or just laugh at) each other!

By the way, funny story. My nanny took Pablo for a walk yesterday. When they came home she told me that I need to talk to him and "get him to listen" to her because he ignored her when she wanted him to stop doing something he wanted to do. Ha. Right after I get him to listen to me (when he doesn't want to), I will get right on that. Also on the list are magically creating Broadway tickets, a bicycle for my partner, a house in town and not in the 'burbs, and instantly losing 50 pounds. But right after those things, I will "get him to listen." Ha.

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