Sunday, December 14, 2008

Childish Games

Beebz says "puppy" as a fill-in word for many, many things. She will almost always repeat it if you say "puppy" to her. She also knows that saying it generally gets a laugh. Today, my partner decided to make a fun new game, which we will now call "The Baby Quiz." It goes like this.

Step 1: get baby's attention.
Step 2: ask baby a ridiculous question like, "Who smells better, mama or the puppy?!" or "Who do you love more, mama or a puppy?!" in an excited voice.
Step 3: laugh uproariously when baby says "Puppy!"

OK, OK, it was pretty funny.

But I promise I smell better.


  1. Who makes better sweet potatoes? Mama or Puppy? How laughs better? Mama or Puppy? Who dances better? Mama or Puppy?