Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Count on it.

It was supposed to be a dodecahedron.

Fun for everyone right? It even has a bell in it. And. An extra woogie making it a ... whatever the word is for a thirteen sided thingy. Hang on, let me see if I can find it.... a tridecagon! Well that sounds almost logical. Given the name for a twelve sided figure, I was expecting something truly monstrous. I guess the guys in charge of naming this stuff way back in time were not using any naming convention that involved increasing this blog's humor content. How selfish of them....
Anyway, here is the side with the extra...woogie.

I guess this is the absolute proof that a) when crocheting I can make anything work, even when it doesn't want to and 2) I can't count to 12.

Thank the gods this present is for Beebz and not Pablo. It will make him nuts.


  1. Isn't a woogie the end left after you crochet that you need to weave in? Doesn't this just have an extra point?

  2. I love this!!! How DO you make it!!!? Did you have a pattern!?! Are you a natural born crocheting genius?!?! I think it's awesome!!

  3. That is SO cool, extra woogie and all. I think you should get extra credit for the extra point.