Sunday, December 7, 2008

a short whine

We adults are sick. Colds. My partner has been sick for over a week, and I seem to have escaped with a milder version that has lasted 4 days so far. The kids seem fine, so far. I am so tired and so tired of feeling this way. sigh.

I feel discontented about a lot of things. The small stuff I am not supposed to sweat feels like it is all towering over me about to crash down and suffocate me but maybe I won't mind because all the LOOMING will be over. I don't feel like giving any of the stuff that is bothering me any power by writing it down. The details are insignificant. But I feel low, low, low. The emotions matter. sigh.

Ah well. If this doesn't help me feel better, it will at lease amuse the kids. Tweet Tweet.

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