Tuesday, April 14, 2009

We went CAMPING!!

We had the best time. We went to Willis Creek Federal Park. I wouldn't recommend it, so I didn't bother linking to it. The thing is, the website lists all these fun activities (swimming, hiking, etc) but it turns out those are at one of the 3 OTHER parks nearby. Your pass gets you into all of them, but isn't one of the points of camping not to have to drive your car to see pretty places? Hmmm. Maybe that's just me.

Any hoo, it was actually kind of perfect. Our wonderful friends who went with us made it fun to just sit around and chat. (Or sleep, in the case of poor LD who was exjausted! If you can sleep through my kids' noise, you must REALLY need it!) In terms of amenities, it couldn't be beat. I know, when discussing camping, amenities aren't the point. But for us, taking our kiddos camping for the first time, it was really nice. We had a grill, a covered picnic table that was HUGE, water, and a fire pit.

Sadly, we were lacking TREES. I am guessing they were at one of the other parks. We only spent one night, but now we know how the kids camp. It was WAY easier than I thought it would be. I honestly was shocked.

Favorites of the trip included watching a real burning fire, seeing a lovely sunset, and spending time with friends. Also high on the list was being on camping time (if it's light, it is "day," if it's dark, it's called "night." Eat when hungry, sleep when sleepy.) My favorite kid part was
seeing and hearing Pablo's antics in the tent when he clearly thought he couldn't be seen or heard. Sometimes the hardest parts of being a parent is NOT laughing!

I promised Pablo that I would make reservations to camp again as soon as possible. I think he loves it as much as I do!


  1. I've always loved camping!! I can't wait to take my kids!

    Glad you had a blast!


  2. Well done! Sounds like a lovely, simple experience. I am always amazed at how wonderful it is to exist for a day or two on a drastic subset of our normal possessions. Returning from camping usually makes me want to purge all closets and cupboards.

  3. Our kids LOVE going camping... though we prefer camping where there are trees too.