Monday, May 18, 2009

And speaking of crafting...

Every summer, I want THE PERFECT HAT. You know, the one that is cute, stays on, not too floppy, not too heavy, etc.

And every summer, I make do, not ever having THE PERFECT HAT.

Recently, we were out shopping and I saw a potentially awesome crochet hat. I also saw the price tag. Then I said to myself, "Self, you could make a hat just as awesome as that!"

You know what? I was right. I made this hat in time for the beach and it was almost perfect. It needs a tiny bit of work on being less floppy now that it has been soaked in the ocean, but I have some tricky ideas for a solution involving wire or maybe plastic? I am not sure yet.

And Beebz likes it too!


  1. WANT IT!! Will you post a pattern?

  2. Mon, I am sad to say that most of the stuff I make has a pattern that goes something like: sc 12 or so... until it looks right. sc in a circle trying your best to keep it flat. Start reducing by some when it looks right. Stay at that number of sc until it fits on your head as far down as seems reasonable. While working on this, think obsessively about how the heck to do the brim. Get to the brim. Wing it. Tear out some. Keep winging it. Stop when it looks right. (I will see if I can figure out more details than that. If I do, I promise to post it!)