Friday, August 7, 2009

Would you buy this?

In honor of the cool new bookstore in my neighborhood, I have been thinking about making and selling bookmarks. But I can't decide if anyone would buy one, and if so, for how much. What do you think?

Come on, lurkers, this is a great time to come out of the commenting closet!


  1. I find that people generally want these things cheaply. I would buy them, b/c I love books and bookmarks (I'm crocheting my own too). I guess there are others that feel the same. But again, not a money spinner if that's what you had in mind. I'll try to sell mine, but only b/c I love creating them.

  2. They are beautiful, but I am terrible at trying to price things. How long do they take you to make? Go from there...

    FWIW, I generally have a hard time buying bookmarks for more than $5. And, it's pretty rare that I buy bookmarks. But, then whim has struck before, so I would not rule out selling these beauties!

    Of course, you have to find the time, which, according to your last post, sounds challenging!