Friday, October 2, 2009

Obsession with needles...

Mr. Man needed a new hat for winter, so I let him pick the pattern and the yarn. He wanted a newsboy cap, and I think he chose well! I am working on a matching scarf, but since I am obsessed with knitting more than crochet, I can't say I am making much progress. He kept acting silly for the camera, but I tried my best to get a couple of good shots!

In knitting news, I finished the baby's dress, and am so excited! Well excited and disappointed. I was using old yarn, trying to get rid of the yarn I used before becoming a big yarn snob. So it doesn't hang the way I would like, and once it came out, I think it looks a big Jesus-like. She should be out wandering in a desert in this outfit. I think I will make it again in better colors, with better yarn. The pattern is so awesome, she will end up with 20 of these, I think! This is supposed to be her solstice dress, tho, so I think the spiritual connotation works out just fine. ( I also added a little inset piece in front so it loses the plunging neckline affect. But I couldn't get another pic without her obsessing over the camera AGAIN....)

"O, follow me, ye who despair. Together we will find cookies." She could be the next messiah!

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