Saturday, May 31, 2008

I Might Be Acting Rash...

The baby has a rash. I thought it was heat rash. All my friends thought it was heat rash (no, I didn't go dashing about town with a potentially contagious child possibly infecting all my friends. Although, that would be a fun April Fools prank, wouldn't it?). I swear, honest to god, it started as a heat rash. Then it got worse. Red and bumpy and awful (but don't worry, still not contagious. Let's just take that off the radar, shall we?) but not bothersome to her. It would go from darker to lighter, worse to better, and worse again, throughout the day. Finally after a week of this (3 days of it looking really bad-- ie not so much like a heat rash), I took her to the doctor. The doc didn't buy heat rash at all. She then guessed several things including: 1. an allergic reaction to sunscreen that I had put on her the day before things got really ugly 2. contact dermatitis/ eczema 3. other, if she doesn't get better with hydro-cortisone.

I am voting for 1 since 2 means she has food allergies that would not only haunt her for the rest of her life, but would also mean that I have to give up the offending foods. The most likely offender being dairy.

Which I could do in a heartbeat if it didn't mean giving up cheese. Or yogurt. No worries, smooth sailing. But cheese? Really? Talk about hitting below the belt. I was reading about a woman whose child has more than 20 food allergies and the mom has lost 40 pounds from her elimination diet. The weight loss does sound nice, but cheese? That just can't be right. I mean, if cows could talk, they themselves would recommend cheese, right? I mean, assuming they are being treated humanely and not being given horrible drugs and if they get to keep their calves near them and such (Yes, I advocate attachment parenting even for those of the bovine ilk.). I know no cows getting this kind of treatment actually exist, but if they did, they would be in the front running for developing speech, right? And when they did, they would probably tell me how healthy they are from eating greens and organic and vegan. And I would say, "Yeah, right. You're a cow. What the *&%@$#@!% do you know about cheese? You have never even TRIED it."

That mom says she has never felt healthier. Oh goody. This is what I have to look forward to? Being thin and healthy? All in exchange for giving up dairy? Hmmm.

Please, let it be the sun screen!

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  1. I could NEVER, EVER give up dairy. Cheese makes the world go 'round and cake keeps it in line. I know I'd probably be better off (health-wise) without it, but I just can't do it. I'm a total milk addict. I've cut back over the years, and switched to organic, but I can't go 3 (2?)days without milk. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you that it's the sunscreen.