Sunday, June 1, 2008

I am grateful...

I am grateful for my family. The way we all fit together, especially when we are at our best.

I am grateful for my kids. The joy they bring me, the lessons the teach me. Even the frustrations they bring since thats where the best growth is. Even though it sometimes sucks.

I am grateful for my partner, who rides this crazy journey with me, who puts up with me even on my worst days and somehow comes back for more. Here's to hopin' she keeps that up.

I am grateful for my home, my security, my safety.

I am grateful for my health, my intelligence, my humor.

Most of all, right at this moment, I am grateful that I have some brainless TV to go watch, because if I have to think anymore today my head is going to explode, leaving a bloody gooey mess all over everything that I would just have to clean up tomorrow.

I think I will also be grateful for whatever snack I come up with when I walk into the kitchen in a few minutes. If you are betting, I would take cereal. It almost always wins. Especially since I have Bunny Love by Annie's. Gotta love that stuff.

Say g'night, Gracie...

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