Monday, June 2, 2008

The Mirror

Carl Jung said if there is anything you would want to change in a child, examine it and see if it is not something that would be better changed in yourself. I say this is true for all people, not just children. When I take the time to notice, I see how some of the most irritating behaviors in others are ones that I share with them. Or ones that I am even worse about doing! It is not easy to step back and reflect. It hurts. Seeing things you don’t like about yourself is not fun. But it makes me a better person every time I walk through the process.

So here are some ugly things I see in myself. Hold the mirror steady, here I go.

I often feel angry about how others aren’t supportive of me and my family because they are too self-involved. Put that one on paper and it gets pretty obvious who is self-involved, eh?

My son’s controlling behavior sometimes gets on my nerves. I mean, when he doesn’t play MY WAY that’s controlling, right? Hmmm.

I often feel unloved. The more I obsess about it, the more I look for evidence that people love me and the more they fail at showing me. In the meantime, what am I doing but withholding my own love based on my judgments? Ouch. That one stings.

I want others to be more patient, more kind, more relaxed in the pressured times. I can’t be, so why would I even think of expecting that of someone else? Especially my 4 year old! Impulse control? What’s that?

Ok, that’s enough self-improvement for one day. Any more and I might just become an actual better person! By the way, its Blogging for LGBT Families day, so please support families of all kinds by sharing some bloggy love!


  1. Dude. Like most excellent post, dude.

    I love you.

  2. I really admire your level of self-awareness to come up with all this in one sitting. I think we are all like this but how many people are aware of it? I only just discovered your blog and find it makes really satisfying thoughtful reading. I digress from your entry for today but I especially share your love for musicals as providing the emotional pinnacles of any year. I love all the Andrew Lloyd Webbers,Les Mis, Fiddler, Billy,Titanic. I don't know that I'm noble enough to make the decision you made...well done!

  3. I love you very much! It is really hard to look in that mirror, and I am proud of you for braving it, and being willing to share what you saw. Even when I forget to say it, or get self-involved, I am always glad to be your friend. You are always loved.