Saturday, May 17, 2008

An Ode to Slings

I love slings. I honestly don't know how anyone can parent a little one and get anything done without a sling. Or two. Today we cleaned out the attic (part of the preparations for getting the insulation done, see below. Donations for Broadway tickets welcome... ;)) and for the most part the baby was in a sling. She even went into the attic with me at one point so I could turn off a light. She was happy as a clam. Yes, I might just be a sling addict. I think I have 7, but part of being an addict is you don't count too closely, or else you start thinking you are an addict. Actually, its a good thing that I have a few, since she is the spit up queen. I should do ads for Biokleen since we use so much of it at our house. I still can't decide on a favorite sling, since they all have their pros and cons. I get all jazzed hearing about a new sling, and I am sorely tempted to get every new style I see. Or new fabric patterns. I have even been known to make a few slings from scratch here and there. Hmmm.... I am missing one designed like a Mei Tai right now. I bet I know what I am doing tomorrow!

I will say that certain aspects of babywearing take a bit of practice. I have helped many friends figure out the ideal sling techniques. Even I, on an off day, can have a mishap. Now, for instance, I get to go give the baby a bath since she is wearing some of the pizza I had for dinner in her hair now. Oops. She thought it was funny.

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