Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Ubermom. I worked out!

Yes, that's right. Only 4 1/2 months after my baby was born, I went and worked out for 20 whole minutes. I am on the cutting edge of the phys ed craze, I tell ya. Sure, I have taken some walks around the neighborhood. At the speed of a 4 year old. As those who have 4 year olds know, this means you stop to look at bugs, cracks in the sidewalk etc and then have to RUN to get to the next house number, tree, etc. I guess if I were tracking, this would be considered an oh so trendy variable speed work out. I'm not really sure how much watching my son run really improves my metabolism though.

I only got the chance to go today because my partner is home from work today and offered to hang out with the kiddos while I went. I don't trust the child care at my gym for a 4 year old, much less for a baby. It looks a lot like The Lord of the Flies in there. I bet if you look close, the "child care providers" really just sit around exchanging bets on which 10% of those kids will make it out in one piece. To say its a zoo is an insult to zoos. Unless there is a zoo out there where there are no cages and its every species for itself.

But back to the gym. I went to the gym, currently about 50 lbs overweight (but my partner generally doesn't let me count the 20 I was carrying before I got pregnant so I guess 30...) with all the nuts who are at the gym in the middle of the afternoon. They all have muscles on their muscles and look like they eat babies to pack on more protein. I walked past all these seriously buff people toward the indoor pool. It was nice to get back to swimming, and I told myself over and over that I would take it slow. I then raced a woman who was doing laps without stopping. She didn't know we were racing though. She would hit the wall and push off immediately, and I would wait a few seconds and then follow. My goal was to do 2 laps faster than her. Even though she was on lap number 402 without stopping and I was taking a break after every 2. I beat her at least twice. Go me. Look for me at the next Olympics I tell ya, I am gonna be there. In spirit.

For now I will keep my focus on the mommy Olympics, where the sports include speed diapering without letting the baby roll over, babywearing while doing freakin' everything, and projectile spit up avoidance. My daughter is my coach. I bet I will sweep the whole thing.

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  1. Good job. I am so proud of you! Were you at Hester's Crossing? I was at Tech Ridge this afternoon working out.