Sunday, June 15, 2008

20 Questions

We have a new game going at our house. 20 questions. Give or take a few. Hundred. Pablo is mad about this game. He is finally old enough that he doesn't change his answer all the time, which is a blessing. However, he does come up with some doozies for questions.

1. Is it something we see on a regular basis? An adept and skillful question.

2. Is it invisible? Hmmm. You would think that we were being really tricky. Trust me. The only times we are tricky is when we accidentally choose something hard. It is ALWAYS an accident. Because 20 questions should not generally take 20 minutes, you know?

3. Is it a chiropractor? Now this one mystifies us. While I do see a chiropractor, Pablo has never gone. Apparently it makes a rather large impression. This question is especially funny when the previous questions have established that the mystery thing is mechanical, smaller than a breadbox, and ours is red (iPod). What exactly does he think goes on at the chiropractor? At one point he told me a chiropractor is a kind of fancy butterfly, but I don't buy it. I think he was messing with me.

4. Do you see it at the Waco zoo? Now this one really cracks me up since one time his chosen word was giraffe. It was a great question for us, so maybe it will work for him EVERY TIME. Backstory: The last time we drove through Waco we stopped at the zoo and got to see giraffes running. Trust me, that is a sight that will stay with you, since they run in slow motion. I have never seen something so large RUN so slowly. I actually looked for a gigantic hidden treadmill track just under the dirt. Those things are SLOW. I could catch one. Seriously.

When frustrated he goes back to what worked in the past, asking words that we have used before. This can get pretty out there since his guesses have nothing to do with previous clues at this point in the game. But still, it is fun, and thats whats important.

And its not the OTHER kind of 20 questions. The one that parents dread: Why am I a boy? Why are you a girl? On what episode of Backyardigans did they have grilled cheese for a snack (I am not making this up. He asks us this kind of stuff ALL the time. And the freaky thing is, he knows.)? What's the capital of Azerbaijan (yes, he LOVES geography.)

Yes, the really nice thing about 20 questions is that it does have a finite end. As opposed to the other one, which ends never. And the questions just get harder.

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