Monday, June 16, 2008

Mama's so? REALLY?

Oh no. I didn't even think about this. When I named my blog, I swear this one didn't occur to me. I was just trying to find a name that was about being a mom and being mindful that wasn't already taken. I had no idea I would end up topping the list when you google MAMA'S SO jokes! You know, your mama's so ugly, your mama's so fat, etc. But seriously, who are these people who are googling these jokes? I thought they were generally made up off the cuff. In grade school. By the not so smart kids. In detention. But apparently, there is a MARKET for these? Seriously? Well, there I am, a loving mom just trying to find mindfulness in my life with my children, looking for the balance between their needs and mine, and I get to be part of bad joke Americana. oh goody.

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