Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Better than Ice Cream

Pablo is now obsessed with Sarah MacClaughlin. He goes around the house singing, “Your love… is better than ice cream….” Its about as cute as it gets. In addition, he has started improvising to sing things like, “Your love… is better than dancing,” and “Your love… is better than puzzles.” I thought it couldn’t get any cuter until this morning when I was awakened before 6 AM by a sweet voice singing, “Your love… is better than sleeping… Better than anything else I have tried….” It was worth losing sleep to hear that!!

PS Congratulations to all you newlyweds in California!!


  1. Any chance you could contact me directly on mkt@bigopnd.net.au. I just want to ask your permission to quote something you have said.

  2. sorry that was: mkt@bigpond.net.au