Thursday, June 5, 2008


It is June, aka time to start your kid's Halloween costume if you want to hand make it by October since you have a new baby. My son, aka Pablo, wants to be a fairy. He has been telling me this for months, and I have nodded and said how fun it would be to have wings, etc. All the while I am secretly thinking about how this pushes my gender buttons, and how we went through a lengthy phase when he had long hair and was CONSTANTLY mistaken for a girl. I have been pretty hard on myself for my discomfort with the gender bend. I should be more open, for goodness sake! Its not like I am oh so conventional in my "choices" or anything!

So this morning I asked him why he wants to be a fairy. I was expecting something about the wings, or they are pretty or something. But no, not my kid. He wants to be a fairy BECAUSE IT STARTS WITH F. You see, he has been a "baby" cat, a cat in the hat, a dragon, and an elephant (not in that order). Notice the trend. Oh, and did I mention Pablo is OBSESSED with patterns? We used to think it was letters and numbers. But now we understand ANY pattern is fascinating to him. Hence being an "F" thing. He says a flower would be good too. Thats what he wanted to be last year for a while. Now I know why. I kind of talked him into the Cat in the Hat costume because I was pregnant and exhausted and not really wanting to make a costume. Bad mama. No brownie points.

I then (what was I thinking?!) pointed out that he hasn't been an "A" thing. He stopped and looked very thoughtful. Then he started jumping around screaming, "Can I be an apple? Can I? Can I?" Sigh.

I am sure there will be more to come. Any good "A" costume suggestions?


  1. hee about an armadillo or an anteater? Surely those aren't very complex!

  2. Oh my god. An armadillo would scare the crap out of me. Could you make it a very friendly, cartoony armadillo? Still, I'm pretty glad he doesn't want to be a fairy. He's a little... hard on costumes and I'm not sure giving him nice delicate wings is our best choice.

  3. Anaconda says that the choice is obvious. Asher should dress up as an anaconda. It is clearly the best 'A' animal there is!

  4. Alligator? (Ross would love the armadillo.) Uh, alien? Angel would have wings too. Artist might be simple. I vote alligator, but I know how hard those costumes are. My mom made my ET costume for me when I was 6.