Friday, June 6, 2008

Halloween II... the update

Thanks for the suggestions! I would totally vote armadillo (BTW, if you think I could make a NON cartoony armadillo costume, you are WAY overestimating my skills, but thanks, honey) but my partner would strike me down. In a kind hearted loving sense, of course. I like the other opinions too, and trust me, Anaconda's opinion does matter to me, but I have news. My boy wants to be a flower again. But get this. Pablo wants to be a BLUE flower. I (thankfully) double checked to confirm that my son, not the penguin, wants to be blue. NO. My son wants to be a RED flower, but PABLO wants blue. He actually wants me to MAKE TWO COSTUMES for when he wants to be himself vs when he wants to be Pablo. oy. We are now in deep negotiations for being half red and half blue, etc.

Of course, since I had an elaborate plan to crochet fairy wings and now it looks like I will just be cutting and gluing felt, I am feeling a bit less stressed about it. Now I just have to find a good pattern for a Solstice dress for the baby to wear. Oh, the fun of dressing a girl!!

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  1. What about a reversible costume? one red side, another blue side...?
    Good luck with it though! And what about a flower with a A? Like... hmmm... Well right now I can't think of one with the english name starting by a A... Or make up one and make up a name with him? That way his pattern is respected too! =)