Saturday, June 7, 2008

Where am I?

It was hot and humid, the kind where it is an effort to inhale the muggy soup of water and air. I felt tired from breathing, and I was confused. I was somewhere I go everyday, why was today miserable? Why couldn't I breathe?

Was I in Georgia in the late summer? No. The grocery store parking lot after a big rain? No. Inside my dryer just after wet clothes were put in? No. I WAS IN THE SHOWER. With the door closed. And not rushing as fast as I could. What a difference. Every day I shower with the stall door open so I can see the baby, play peek-a-boo while I shampoo, make sure Pablo isn't on the love attack, and all that jazz. I had FORGOTTEN what it feels like to be in a shower without a draft. And taking my own sweet time (7 minutes?)

Ah, motherhood. It challenges you to learn all kinds of new things. Like how to shower in less than 3 minutes with the door open AND LIKE IT.

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