Sunday, June 8, 2008

oh goody..."maturity."

Pablo here has hit a new phase of "maturity." He now thinks scatological humor is hysterical. The only actual fun part of this phase of childhood is that when you are complaining about it to your friends, you get to use the word "scatological." This is not as satisfying as you would think when you are strapped 24-7 to a child constantly saying he is going to pee on stuff and then falling over laughing. Which, parenthetically, makes the baby laugh, which makes the boy laugh and so on and so on. The laughing part is fun, but I am afraid it is a) egging him on to more potty humor and b) warping my daughter's fragile sense of humor until she will someday think Something about Mary is a high comedy. I only hope I can offset it with enough Monty Python when she is older! In the meantime, give me strength to endure this strange phase of parenthood where I subject myself to a mini Will Farrell/Ben Stiller/Jack Black and still, for no good reason that I can see, come back for more.

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