Monday, June 9, 2008

who cries over spilled milk?

ME. That's who. Our awesome little mini freezer went out. We saved most of the food by cramming it into our other freezer, but I am sad to report (please cue funereal music on your iPod at this time) we couldn't save the milk. I just poured almost 40 ounces of hard won breast milk down the drain. There is nothing to compare to this feeling, especially if you are not a great pumper. That was weeks of work, a lovingly built up supply in case I get hit by a bus/falling piano/cartoon character careening after another, smaller cartoon character.

Please share a moment of silence with me, and send milky thoughts my way as I try to restock. After the freezer gets fixed. Cause you never know about those wily cartoon characters.


  1. How awful!! Breast milk feels like gold, I know. Just the thought of having to pour 40 ounces down the drain is enough to make my stomach turn. I'm so sorry this happened! Best of luck restocking.


    Mama to Eamon, 8 months

  2. Thanks for your compassion! It was tough.