Wednesday, July 23, 2008

He calls me HONEY and other news

Yes, Pablo regularly calls me and all other grown ups HONEY. As in, "Can you get me some milk, honey?" or "I want to play computer, honey." It is about as adorable as it can be. Even better is when he does it to a complete stranger, as in, "Are you putting our groceries in the bags, honey?" We aren't sure where he got it, but every time he does it I want to snatch him up and hug him to pieces. Unfortunately, that is a good way to make him squeal, so I generally resist the urge for the sake of my ears.

The big news around here is that Beebz is now letting me lay her down for naps for longer than 10 minutes at a time. The other day she slept for over an hour. She is also back to being more accepting of my partner holding her and taking care of her. In other words, she no longer screams her head off any time I am not holding her. I cannot express how much of a relief it is to get a break here and there.

And speaking of a break here and there, the last two days my partner (now to be referred to as the GODDESS of KINDNESS) stayed home from work so I could catch up on sleep. The baby and I took 3 hour naps. Both days. Considering how much we have been up at night, this was a HUGE deal. I therefore publicly and with great fervor THANK the GODDESS of KINDNESS for staying home. It is possible I may be human again soon.

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