Saturday, July 12, 2008

Lessons Learned from Grey's Anatomy

OK, yes, we are total suckers. We heard that there would be a lesbian relationship on Grey's Anatomy so we decided start watching it. Of course, this meant we had to catch up on all the previous seasons. (Honestly, we mostly did it because we are both crafting like crazy and it's fun to watch TV while madly crocheting and it's summer so no new shows are on and we don't have a Wii or anything fun so why the heck not.)

I love to play the game of placing myself in universes of shows I watch and seeing how they synch up to my life. (This was most fun with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but I digress.) Usually I can CHOOSE to play this game, but after a couple of weeks of 2-3 episodes a night I am feeling so submerged in this show's universe that I am actually starting to feel like my life is the weird one. So here is a list of ways my life doesn't synch up with Grey's Anatomy.

* While I often wear pajamas for most of the day, it is because I never get dressed. Not that I got up before the crack of dawn, put on clothes, then drive myself elsewhere to put on my jammies. And trust me, I am not wearing hot sexy undies underneath.

* I generally don't trust doctors. But I thought that was an Eastern/Western bias about treating the body/mind/spirit. No doctor I have ever seen was too busy getting into another doctor's pants to pay attention to medicine. That I know of. This could explain all the long waits at doctor's visits....

* Another thing about doctors. Why have all of the doctors I have ever been to see been so low on the hotness scale? I mean, they aren't hideous or anything, but not ONE could get on this show.

* I apparently am way too committed to my relationship and patient in trying to resolve issues. Apparently I should just switch for a new partner whenever there is a wrinkle. Hmmm.

* And on that note, boy am I not getting enough sex. Especially at work. I mean, I have NEVER had sex at work. What kind of weirdo am I?

* I live by a strong ethical code. I stick to it, and I don't consider it a choice. I didn't know that you could just skip out on your ethics when the mood strikes you. In life or death situations. Good thing I am not generally in life or death situations. All that sticking to my ethics would probably mess up all my responses.

The only lesson I can actually apply to my life is that even geniuses can act like morons. It is nice to have a hard day and at the end of it shake it off my saying, "At least I didn't kill/cheat on/lie to anyone today. It is a comfort.

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