Saturday, July 5, 2008

New Heights of Embarrassment

We were at a party. Beebz was in the sling, nursing. I was trying to get some food. The seated acquaintance in front of the food table offered to help and I accepted. As she was dishing up some chocolate cheesecake, Beebz popped off the breast to see what was going on. The poor woman said something like, "Oh! Something wet! On me!" and I looked down to find my nipple streaming. I quickly covered up and shoved Beebz back on the breast. I think I said sorry. Maybe. I said SOMETHING, but I was too shocked to pay much attention to the words coming out of my mouth. The funny thing is my breast was pretty well covered. I just had some serious arc going on. It's a whole new world of embarrassment when you accidentally shoot breast milk in the face of an almost complete stranger at a party.

Now I can cross THAT off my list. Goody.

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