Sunday, August 3, 2008

Fiber Snob

Yes, I am now, officially, a fiber snob. You can tell because I am now calling it "fiber" instead of "yarn." See? Totally snobby. After years (say...20?) of just going to whatever craft store was nearby, I ordered fancy yarn online. Highland wool. A lovely pima cotton/ modal (that's WOOD for you non-snobs) mix. More wool, with some nylon (striped, for SOCKS!!).

Yes, I am a complete convert. Before having the experience of working with natural fiber I never got it. Like a blind person imagining a sunrise, I never VISCERALLY understood the difference it would make to use natural fibers. The feel of it while flowing through your hands. The texture against the hook. The whole beingness of it.

You would think I would have been all crunchy granola style using ONLY natural fibers all along. Trust me, from now on, my crafting will match my politics. Ahh, joy. Thank the fiber gods I could find it cheap! Now back to looking at Bamboo and wool/silk blends and the like....

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