Monday, September 29, 2008

The best tummy camouflage ever!

You know how it is. Baby weight melts off when you have your first. The second time is not so easy, apparently. We have a wedding next month. I have to go buy a dress that fits since all my dresses are still too small. I cannot express how much I am dreading this. I don't feel comfortable in my skin these days, and there is nothing like dress shopping to make you feel even more... icky.

But I have a secret weapon. What Not to Wear has nothing on me. It won't matter what I am wearing since the only part of my outfit anyone will notice will be the cutest baby in the world in a sling (strategically placed to cover my "problem area." For the first time I am grateful I carry my weight in my stomach, since I can't imagine who would lend me their baby for the weekend so I could strap it to my other thigh.) All she has to do is smile and flirt, something she just can't help doing, and no one will notice me at all. I am all set. I could probably get away with wearing jeans. If I had any that fit....

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