Monday, September 22, 2008

I guess the babymoon is over...

oops, wait, hang on a sec...

OK, sorry, where was I? Oh yeah. My beautiful baby, the one that for months could serve as a paper weight (if you like torn up paper) is on the move. She has been crawling for a few weeks, but now, she is zooming.

Geez, where did that girl go? Hang on...

Got her. She went in another room again. Anyway, she now moves fast and has an intense desire to explore everything. NOW!

Hang on, she is going for the computer cord again....

OK, sorry about that. What was I talking about? Yeah, I remember... today I have rescued her from (all separate occasions in which I put her on the floor in a safe locale with plenty of toys that she ignored in favor of getting into stuff) : the dog food bowl, the dog water bowl, the one electric cord in the house that isn't protected, the diaper pail, and probably 10 other things I can't remember. Oh yeah. In the 20 seconds it took me to wash my hands after changing her diaper, she pulled up on the toilet and was happily trying to reach the water. She got her hands washed too, after that.

Shoot! Where did she go? OK, I see her, all is well.

I am not even mentioning all the pulling up on various pieces of furniture, getting stuck under my chair in a way that I couldn't get to her for fear of smooshing her, and the (eek!) attempts at walking. For goodness sake, she isn't even 9 months old yet!

She is not napping as much because she WANTS TO PLAY! On an unrelated note, she seems much grumpier after hours of not sleeping. No idea what that's about.

I love my vivacious girl (who happens to be rubbing her eyes and fussing at me right now instead of nursing cause she wants to look around), don't get me wrong. But today marks the day we go into high gear. CONSTANT VIGILANCE and all that. Unlike Pablo as a baby, it seems like she is going to get into everything. There is a high chance she will do all kinds of risky things. She seems like the extroverted, try anything once kind of child I predicted when she was still in utero. Thank the gods Pablo still thinks it's funny when she gets into his stuff.

Oh, baby, bring it on. I am (gulp!) ready. I hope.

And let go of that lamp. No really.

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