Saturday, September 6, 2008

I love my sister. And I am stubborn.

For solstice I am crocheting many presents. I am really excited about it, and have been dying to blog about it, but I have to do it in code in case certain people are reading. ahem. I am making something lovely and tedious for my mom. Because it is so tedious, I thought I would take a quick break and make my sister's ... something (not telling!). I thought it would go pretty fast.


I have ripped the #@*&%@#*$ thing out 4, count them, F-O-U-R times. When I am more than a skein into the pattern. The gauge keeps getting wonky. I can't figure out quite why. All I know is, making things without a pattern seems to me to be WAY easier than making things with one. If I were designing this... thing, I would just hold it up and say, "Yep, looks good" or, "I need it longer here" or whatever. Following a pattern locks me in. I am bound by the rules. I am not a big fan of rules. What? You noticed that about me? You are very observant. Now hush, I am blogging here.

So I am on my LAST try before I give up and make this... something (my code is impenetrable! ha! double ha!) without a stinkin' pattern and with nothing but some yarn, a hook, and my imagination. Ha. That will show 'em.

In other news, I need an opinion, people. Pablo wants to be Stuart Little for Halloween. Yes, I know, AWESOME, right? But we need a suit, a cane, and a fedora in addition to tail whiskers and ears. The suit and cane aren't a problem. However, the fedoras I can find for kids say Indiana Jones all over them. I am sure I could find a super fancy one for a TON of money. For some reason I am not so much into that. So should I crochet him one? It would only take a couple of hours. I think it would look really cute. It would (of course) have mouse ears sticking out the brim. I am leaning towards the crochet idea. Please comment your opinion!! Do I get an Indiana Jones hat and try to rip off the advertising, or do I make him one?

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  1. Which do you prefer ;) I think if you made him one, he'd love it, and he would always remember it. However, if you get short on time maybe buy one and if you can't rip the ad off, could you cover it with fabric or something? I dunno...that's my 2 cents, not sure it is worth much. Have a good one!