Thursday, September 4, 2008

He is me

Today I was reminded of the beautiful "he is me" meditation. I didn't really use it to meditate as much as to snap myself out of negative thinking. All I did was think to myself, "he is me" when Pablo was running amok, making me crazy. Just those words said silently forced me to connect to that manic part of myself that would love to just do the next thing that appeals to me and sing songs at the top of my lungs. I couldn't hold onto any anger or frustration because I really understood.

The same went for other people as I used it with them. I was shocked and fascinated, though, to discover how much I wanted to hang onto that sense of separation so that my view was the only one I saw. How invested I was in my need to believe that my view was the only view, my perspective the only perspective.

I was also amazed at how working through letting go of that attachment seemed to make everything shrink until there was really nothing left to get upset about. Nothing bad to attach to. Just feelings, which we all have, desires, which we all have, and generally loving (if self interested) motivations. Which we all have.

Instant compassion. What could be better? Thank you, Sarah, for reminding me. Namaste.

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