Friday, September 26, 2008

Oh, boy...

Here I sit, at my parent's house, watching the debate with my very republican parents. I, a devout progressive, sit here. Me, the one that thinks the democrats are freakishly and sadly conservative. I love Obama. He gives me hope. I hope that he is conservative enough to get elected.

Oh, lordy, please help me keep my mouth shut. Please give me the strength to not yell at the TV screen. This family is NOT the place to air political opinions and have honest debate.

Maybe I can go to bed early.

I am breathing....

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  1. Good luck with that!
    I come from a family very concerned by politics, and when there are elections in France, over anything, it is a big political meeting instead of family meals. No matter that almost all of them agree, they still argue pretty loudly. Being not of their opinion, I first tried to make myself heard, but I've stopped andonly get ultra frustrated everytime. 'Cause being a young woman makes me unable to understand politics. Of course. I just studied political sciences for a year and was really good at it. And I've only grew up in the middle of them, passioned by politics and history.
    So I feel for you. Breath indeed.

    I hope for the USA and for the whole world that Obama will be elected, and that if he is, he won't change.