Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Dentists have it MADE.

We decided to try having Pablo's cavity treated at the dentist's office after much wonderful advice from parents we know. Thanks to all of you! The procedure went amazingly well, thanks to nitrous and movie glasses (those things are freakin cool! I want some... no idea what I need them for, but the cool factor is almost Bond like. Then again I guess James Bond would have even cooler looking ones....) Pablo was totally chill with the whole thing. He didn't even move for the injections since the dentist blatantly lied to him about what she was doing. Mind over matter, I say. It was awesome. Her whole spiel about how she just needed to stretch his cheek and it might pull a little etc etc... genius.

On the other hand. A hundred bucks for xrays and a visit on Tuesday because he had started complaining of pain where the cavity was. $240 for today's visit which placed a temporary filling and got all the drilling done (Mr Whistle and Mr Bumpy to describe the drill depending on the bit... awesome, yes?). Another $200 for the crown in December. Plus whatever the first visit was... I forget. So almost $600 and no dental insurance coverage later, Pablo's teeth will be okey-dokey come December. And our dentist's bank account will be even more okey-dokey. Who does she think we are, republicans?

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