Sunday, October 19, 2008

Getting better all the time...

We are back from our fancy wedding. We had the greatest time! I am exhausted from continued lack of sleep but hoping I will catch up soon (ha.). I am in better spirits, but still predicting lots of hard times ahead. Pablo continues not to listen, which is so, so hard. Tomorrow I am going to take some time to really get a handle on how to deal with and interpret this differently so it is not so challenging. I have many times experienced how just changing my thinking about something changes the whole situation. I am flummoxed on how to reframe his ignoring, but something will come to me in the night...please?

In the mean time I am breathing. And thinking of all the things I need to do for me. They are thoughts and not yet actions. They are still actions laboring to be born.

(Coming soon, that amazing description of the wedding!!)

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