Sunday, October 12, 2008

I got it all...

Our friend's fancy wedding is next weekend. I got the fancy red dress... I got the amazing silver shoes... so I just had to make a sling to match! I even bought some (gasp!) makeup. (All this girlishness is a good thing since I just got a haircut that looks just like Jamie Lee Curtis. Cute cut, yes. But she is in her 50s and I am 36. Ignoring the part that she is a million times hotter than me at any age, I shouldn't have a 50 year old hair cut. It is classic dyke cut #1. For 50 year olds. eek.)

But back to happiness, here is the SLING I made. I am SO excited!!

PS This photo was BEFORE the hair cut. Another bad cut, actually. This new cut is a "hack it all off and start all over" so someday I will have cute hair again. Sigh.

Parenthically, I also have a suit for Pablo and a dress for the baby. My partner has a suit, so we are officially set for the wedding. I think.

Oh crap!! A gift!!! sigh....

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