Thursday, October 23, 2008

On Facebook, someone I knew from high school posted an update complaining about Obama supporters "drinking the Kool-aid" and how being a democrat these days is like being in a cult. Now I have heard this before. Pundits love to compare Obama to Jesus and make jokes about him walking on water etc. But for some reason, I was incenced. Livid. And I immediately fired off my response: "Being a republican is like being a smoker: both are suicidal and selfish enough to want to take everyone else out with them." I didn't hit enter. I tried again. "Only the selfish and the insane can be informed and still be republicans." Again, I paused, not hitting the button. I tried a few more... nothing worked. I wanted to retaliate and do it with style. I wanted to anger those closed minded, self interested, imbeciles.

Then I noticed. I was being one. I was taking on so much anger. As all anger is, it was born of fear. We cannot afford to have another republican in the while house. I am not sure 4 years is enough time to fix any of the issues at hand, even with someone who can "part the waters," as it were. I am sincerely concerned on so many issues we face. We are at a crisis point, especially with global warming and the appointment of supreme court justices, where 4 years could make the difference between life and death, between having rights and the betrayal of the Constiution.

But attacking some acquinance in a public setting wouldn't really help anything. So I deleted all my options and focused on peace. And I hope that the law of attraction is true, so that all my desire and focus on a positive outcome will materialize. No matter how temporarily good it feels to get mad and take the low road, it is that same emotional irresponsibility that got us here in the first place.

And so I breathe. And hope.


  1. Good for you. I am still trying to understand the anger I feel around this election as wanting to yell about politics is an entirely new experience for me. The other day a woman (who is an Obama supporter) told me that her husband wont vote for him because he is convinced he is a Muslim extremist. I got so so angry but, like you, kept it in check. This election is so divisive and the rhetoric and accusations make it worse. Writing stuff down without hitting send is remarkable therapy.

    I hope you are feeling better from your fall. Ouchy!

  2. Way to go! My walking prayer these days is that people will vote out of ‘intention’ rather than ‘fear’ … and that all this ‘negativity’ will backfire leading future elections to return to sanity and civility. How did we get to a point where having a different opinion from someone else became a reason to put them down personally? We all need to breathe … relax … and envision what we WANT rather than what we fear for it’s my humble opinion that we each create our reality with our thoughts both individually and collectively.
    Hugs and blessings,