Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I fell.

I don't generally think much about falling since I live with two people who do it 100 times a day. They fall, they cry, or not, as need demands, and they get up and play some more.

Not so in this great big grown up body. Today I fell from our deck, down 2 steps and onto hard ground. And I was holding the baby. You wonder (or at lease I do) what would happen if you fell while holding the baby. Random damaged baby images flash through my head every time I trip on a toy. This was my test. Could I save the baby? I was holding her in my left arm, and I fell toward the left. Recipe for disaster. As if in slow motion, I managed to turn myself 180 degrees to fall onto my right arm. Beebz wasn't the least bit phased, although she did start looking concerned after I lay there for a long time in the same position trying to decide whether to stay silent, cry, or vomit. It really hurt.

Mama is bruised in several places, but unbroken. Tomorrow is going to hurt, no matter how much arnica I put on tonight.... sigh. But I saved the baby. And that's all that matters.

As an aside, have I mentioned that she currently says, "BOP!" as her side of any conversation? It is her stock substitute to pretty much any word she doesn't yet have. And even more adorable than you could imagine.


  1. Oh how scary! Glad to hear you're ok...bruised but not broken.

    I fell down the stairs holding my 4 month old daughter once. 10 stairs. As I started to fall, I sorted of did some random gymnastics as I fell to me under her. OUCH!

    I feel for ya!

  2. Good save MAMA!
    Now get thee to the chiropracter.
    Hope the arnica keeps you functioning for the time being. Amazing stuff!

  3. It is amazing what a "mother" can do! There is no other instinct in the world like the maternal one. I am sooo glad you're all ok! I agree with Zip n Tizzy, hit the chiropractor, rest and kiss that baby for me. BOP! How adorable! Hope you're up and about soon!