Monday, October 20, 2008

And who are you again?

My child, my little outsider, the one who won't talk to ANYONE, was the life of the party at the wedding we just attended. Almost 200 guests, and by the end of the night every single one knew his name. He ran around like a little rock star. If he had known about getting phone numbers from women, he would have about 50 dates right now. Guys were asking him for tips. He even did the trick of going up and putting his arms around the shoulders of cute, single 20 somethings and asking them if they wanted a picture with him. The photographers took so many pictures of him being cute that I fear he will have more in sheer number than the bride. He even managed to insinuate himself into the cake cutting pictures and got the first piece cut by the bride and groom. Apparently he walked right up to the bride and asked, "Oh are you FINALLY cutting the cake? I want THAT piece!" And they actually gave it to him. Thank the gods that was not on my watch. His godfather was "keeping an eye on him," which apparently means something different to him than it does me since he thought Pablo's interruption to the cake cutting was cute. I am eternally grateful that the bride and groom agreed with Pablo's godfather rather than me, the horrified mom.

But my point is, to all those people who think my son isn't social enough, they just haven't seen him work a room at a big party. My partner and I were amazed. Speechless. Thrilled.

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  1. Oh boy and do they ever need someone to think they're cute, to balance out our horror at all of their shenanigans. And, well... the truth is, they are pretty cute darn it!