Friday, October 3, 2008

The Red Dress vs my imagination

I went shopping with a dear friend for my fancy dress today. Not only did we have a great time, but we were successful beyond our wildest dreams. I got a sexy red dress for the wedding plus two more outfits.

It is really amazing to me how off I can be about how I look. Yes, I have been wearing schlubby clothes since the baby was born. I can't fit into my rep-baby clothes so I wear a mix of maternity and (now) worn out nursing shirts. Rarely I put on a wrap skirt to "dress up." Generally I feel crappy about how I look and to me that translates as overweight.

Before we went shopping, I thought I should try on something with a waist band to see what size I would need to find. I was 4 sizes off. That is a lot. Four sizes smaller than I thought. I was shocked, not only by my size, but by how off I had estimated. I had been feeling so down about how I look in all these worn out, ill fitting clothes that I had managed to convince myself that I was 4 sizes bigger than I am.

I am only 2 sizes bigger than I was before I got pregnant. That suddenly seems like not too much. I feel more hopeful and motivated to take care of myself physically than I have felt in a long time. How incredible is it that I ignored reality in favor of a belief system that would make me feel worse? The only thing more incredible is how often we all do this, ignoring what IS in favor of what we need it to be, no matter how out of touch we are. What a great reminder. And a great dress.

Now I need MORE clothes so I can be reminded every day just how good I can look. And some shoes. But those are just for the wedding.

(And apparently some Spanks? I am so out of touch that there is a whole new garment industry I know nothing about?? eek.)

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  1. jennifer@reynoldsink.comOctober 6, 2008 at 6:32 AM

    Good for you and your dress-size correction! Maybe the nursing is actually working, like it's rumored to. And very funny about the Spanks, I also don't own any either but have heard my friends praise this garment. My grandmother had a corset with, I swear, whalebone stays. Everything old is new again!