Thursday, October 2, 2008

Pit bulls are better than this

When you were a kid, was there ever another kid so annoying that you kind of liked seeing him get picked on by the older kids? You felt some guilty pleasure in seeing the bully getting trounced? I have been eagerly awaiting tonight's debate for that very reason. I have a guilty desire to see Palin reduced to a quivering lump, incapable of finishing sentences, each utterance rife with inaccuracies and glaring errors. Not very evolved of me, I know, but I am titillated at the thought of Palin falling apart enough to let everyone see just how incapable she is of holding any office.

I read that her "game plan" is to be mean. No kidding. She plans to attack Biden personally in order to throw the focus OFF of foreign policy since she knows so little about it. Channelling her inner pit bull, so to speak. Pit bulls are nicer than this. In the kindest, most compassionate way I can say it, I hope she gets ripped to shreds. Debate style. Destroyed so clearly that even those who want to vote republican cannot find it in their hearts to vote with her on the ticket. I just hope that her meanness isn't as appealling to republicans as Bush's is. It took them almost 8 years to notice that being a jerk and a bully isn't the same as being competant. I hope they can apply that lesson to other people.

Maybe this is no different than rooting for my football team to sack the other team's quarter back. I want him destroyed but not injured. I want him taken out of the play, but able to walk. Off the field. I want Palin's incompetance to shine through in such a way that she is politically a joke, but she can go back to her home town and live a fulfilling life. Outside of public service.

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  1. I generally go to bed very early, but I started to watch the debate with the same hope, of seeing her embarrass herself. I went to bed after the gay marriage question because the debate had been considerably less amusing than I'd hoped and after that question, I didn't see it getting any more interesting.

    The SNL parody is pretty hilarious though. Queen Latifa almost stole the show from Tina Fey, imo.