Sunday, November 16, 2008

This is why I am a crappy activist.

We had a hugely busy weekend. We sorted roughly a million boxes (OK, maybe just 20) of kid clothes into categories: too little girl, too little boy, too big girl, too big boy, donating to strangers, giving to people we know, and of course, boy and girl clothes for this winter. It was a huge task.

This is ONE of the two rooms with clothes strewn about, at a point when it wasn't as bad as it got. See?

We did many other things too, like running errands, eating, etc. I was too busy to even turn on my computer. Finally, tonight, Pablo is in bed, and I have 13 seconds to myself. So I turn on the computer, check in on my scrabble games, and start reading yesterday's blog posts. Most are all about blogging against Prop 8.

Well, crap. This is something you would think I would know about. But apparently I was too busy chasing my crazy kids around to realize anything was happening. The funny thing is, my partner was talking about the protests this weekend, and I honest to god didn't realize she meant any official, organized thing. I mean, they have been blocking traffic in LA since the election, right? How was I supposed to know that Saturday was something extra special? No one told me a thing. Phooey. I mean, I would have at least posted something!

So here you go, too little too late.

Prop 8 is wrong. This country was founded on the principle of the separation of church and state. Now, I understand that we have never actually operated that way, but I for one think that this is the latest example of ultra conservative religious fanatics thinking they have the right to legislate their own version of morality. Apparently they do. But they shouldn't. Oh, why bother? Keith Olbermann said it best.

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  1. Clothes sorting is paralyzing. I'm so glad to have gotten to the point where my boys are so close in size that it's really a matter of "will this fit either of them by the next season it was made for?" If the answer is no, out it goes.

    I've been trying to figure out how to write about prop 8 since early July. I'm still trying to find the outlet in which my words will have the most effect. I agree, Keith Olbermann did say it best. Thanks for posting this.