Monday, January 5, 2009

Working out, in

I have worked out AT THE GYM, no less, 3 times this year. Impressive, no? I am pretty much over the moon about it. I set a goal to work out 20 times this month. I did it when it was warm and I thought I could take the kids hiking. Now it is raining and 40 degrees and I don't even plan to get out of my jammies. But I am still hoping to work out today. Maybe some yoga, maybe dancing around the house... something. I am starting the year with an I CAN DO IT attitude. I am finding the YES and focusing on that. Go me. Now I am going to clean the kitchen. And maybe set up a play date.

And by the way, I haven't had a chance to agree with my partner that I am a big jerk... we haven't had any disagreements lately. Maybe later I will try being a big jerk so that when she calls me on it I can agree with her.


  1. Hey there, you big jerk! How dare you... well, something. Oh, I know. Last night you turned the comforter the right way which meant that we were actually all warm last night in our sleep and... wait a minute. That was a good thing. Well, you big jerk. Uh, I can't believe you did some jerky thing.

    Now isn't that easier than actually being a jerk and having me call you one? This was I get saved from jerkiness but you get to agree with me.

    And also you rock that gym stuff!

    And also, if I were you I'd definitely stay in jams all day. We did it yesterday and it rocked.

  2. yes, honey, I was completely inconsiderate for making sure you had covers last night as well as many other (forgotten) things. I welcome the chance to learn more about your experience of me. Thanks for the chance to learn!

    I love you, you goosey girl.